Legalization of Court Ruling 11.07.2013

Latvia is a Party State to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 On Canceling of the Requirement for Legalization of Public Documents Made Abroad. Pursuant to Section 3 of the Law on The Hague Convention On Canceling of the Requirement for Legalization of Public Documents Made Abroad, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia is executing the “APOSTILLE” provided for in Section 3 of the Convention on the basis of the said Law and according to Section 6 of the convention.

According to the convention, public documents include:

  1. documents issued by government institution or official. Such documents are related to national courts or tribunals, including the documents issued by the prosecutor, Clerk of Court or Bailiff;
  2. administrative documents;
  3. notary deeds;
  4. official certifications on documents signed by private individuals.

Official certifications of the filing of documents or the fact that the document existed on a certain date, as well as official and authentication of signature by Notary Public.

The Convention is not applicable to:

  1. documents issued by diplomatic or consular officials;
  2. administrative documents directly related to trading or customs transactions.

For the purposes of the Convention, legalization means the mere formality by which the diplomatic or consular officials of the State on the territory of which the document has to be presented, authenticate the signature and status of the person (who has signed the document) and identity of the seal/stamp impressed on the document. In such cases the acknowledgement specified in the Convention is executed on the document. This acknowledgement may be made in the official language of the issuing State. The title “Apostille (Convention de La Haye du 5 octobre 1961)”, however, has to be executed in French. Such acknowledgement is made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.

In addition, please be informed that legalization is also canceled in case of valid interstate treaties on legal assistance and legal relations in civil matters, family matters and criminal matters.

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