The government supports the removal of S. Zvidriņa from the office of the Director General of the State Land Service 07.04.2020

On Tuesday, 7 April, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the draft order drawn up by the Ministry of Justice, whereby Solvita Zvidriņa, the suspended Director General of the State Land Service, is subject to a disciplinary sanction, removal from the office.

Jānis Bordāns, the Minister of Justice, points out the following: "Solvita Zvidriņa has not implemented good governance in managing the State Land Service and ensuring the fulfilment of the tasks assigned to this institution. A number of violations have been identified during the disciplinary investigation, including the reorganization of the institution and structural changes that were implemented without understandable justification, such as the closing of the regional division of the State Land Service without conducting a proper assessment, as well as practically eliminating the IT department, and the liquidation and transfer of functions to other service providers, which could have a very negative impact on the proper functioning of information technology systems. Problems were detected also with regard to the financial management and staff evaluation and, unfortunately, also the continued failure to provide full information to me and to the Ministry officials. The aforementioned violations seriously undermined the continuity of implementation of the functions specified in the regulatory enactments of the State Land Service and the fulfilment of the tasks entrusted to the institution. The violations identified constitute sufficient grounds for the imposition of a disciplinary sanction, the removal of S.Zvidriņa from the office." 

During the disciplinary review proposed by the Minister of Justice, it was established that significant changes have been made in the structure, the competence of the departments and the organisation of work since the entry into office of S.Zvidriņa. However, S.Zvidriņa failed to ensure the development of adequate internal regulatory enactments and sufficient grounds for reorganisation of the State Land Service, and failed to submit them to the Minister of Justice for approval. Consequently, it was not possible to examine the legality and effectiveness of these changes. In general, the changes implemented undermined the performance of the functions and tasks of the State Land Service, as well as caused significant damage to the interests of the State.

Several new departments were established in the State Land Service, along with new posts in these structural departments, as well as new posts were created and classified by changing the previously existing posts in a manner not provided for in regulatory enactments, without complying with the procedures specified by the Cabinet.

Also, S.Zvidriņa failed to comply with the conditions of the procedure for evaluating work performance. S.Zvidriņa formally evaluated the employees who were directly subordinated to her; she did not approve their assessment forms, allowing another person to approve the evaluation forms and make entries in them; she failed to ensure that the forms are closed after the evaluation is completed; she made changes in the performance assessment carried out during the previous evaluation period; she applied the procedure of re-evaluation of employees without any legal basis for doing so, as well as determined the amount of bonus to be paid to employees by issuing orders, the result of which could not be known at that time, because S.Zvidriņa had not yet assessed the respective employee. 

By illegally including the average monthly earnings or the average one-month contract price for the amount of work done during the last six months in the orders issued in 2018 and 2019 regarding the paying out of bonus payments, bonuses in the amount of EUR 74 460,48 were overpaid.


Additional information:

On 20 December 2019, by the order of the Minister of Justice, Jānis Bordāns, a disciplinary case was brought against S.Zvidriņa, the Director General of the State Land Service, removing her from the office. The Commission of Inquiry into the Disciplinary Case, having examined the circumstances of the case, concluded that S.Zvidriņa, Director General of the State Land Service, was subject to the disciplinary sanctions provided for in Section 36, Paragraph two of the Law On Disciplinary Liability of State Civil Servants - removal from the office.

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