The first pre-marital training session is concluded 14.07.2017

On Thursday, 13 July, in Riga, the first pre-marital training was concluded for 9 couples who learned more about the legal, psychological, ethical and domestic aspects of marriage. Two couples were ready to share their impressions of the premarital training course - Dace and Jānis, Līva and Eduards.


Dace (28) and Jānis (32).

Where did you learn about the premarital training courses?

            From our pastor who offered us this opportunity.

What was the most useful part of the training?

            Definitely the lectures on raising children. It was interesting to listen to the couple who gave this lecture course, as they spoke about raising 5 children. That was definitely useful. I also liked the lecture on the financial skills, there were some very important nuances every married couple should know.

What else did you like about the course?

            We enjoyed all the lectures because lecturers handled various topics in an interesting way. None of the lectures was boring. It was possible to develop a discussion not only with the lectures but also the other couples. We could ask the lecturers questions about other topics as well. We definitely felt that these lectures were useful and that it worth taking the training course.

Was there anything you didn’t like?

It’s hard to say, the training went by very quickly and everything was interesting.

Should this training be supplemented with another course?

Perhaps a course should be added devoted to the relationship between the couple, the human nature.

Would you recommend to other couples to attend a premarital course?

Definitely, because when we came to the training we thought about many things that usually don't come to mind. It is nice that the lecturers have experienced and trainers are people who have experienced all of this themselves. There is not that surreal feeling that you are only being told about theories. Very interesting!


Līva (23) and Eduards (24).

Where did you learn about the premarital training courses?

            From the pastor, who gave us the information and we applied.

What did you like best in this training and what seemed to be the most useful?

            We very much enjoyed the first session with the family psychotherapist Gatis Līdums. There were some interesting tasks, for example, drawing a family crest on a single page without communicating with the partner.

How much of the training was focused on theory and how much was focused on the practical aspects?

            Theory - 70%, practical - 30%, as in the beginning all couples were shy and only started asking questions towards the end.

Would you recommend to other couples to attend a premarital course?

            We think yes, if they wanted to.

Was the information provided by the lecturers useful?

            Yes, we will use the advice and recommendations from the lecturers.

Was the information and topics you hadn’t come across before, for example, raising children, helpful?

            I think it will be useful in the future, as the lecturers have great life experience.

What was interesting in this training course?

            The practical parts were interesting, there could have been more of that.

Did you think there were any redundant topics?

            We don’t have any criticisms.

Maybe you expected something more from this training?

           We got answers to all our questions. So did the other couples. The topics are interesting and we can’t think of any additions.

Is having the training once a week enough or too little?

            Four lectures in four weeks are just enough and not too little.

Would you be willing to attend the pre-marital training if it wasn’t free?

           We think yes. But the course fee is important - optimally, around 80 euros for the entire training.


Additional information:

The Ministry of Justice in collaboration with several educational institutions launched a free pilot project of the premarital training programme for individuals who wish to register their marriage in the civil registry office. In 2017, within the framework of the pilot project, 50 couples were able to participate in the training.

It is possible to apply for the training at any civil registry office (the contacts of the civil registry offices are available on the Ministry of Justice website or the Ministry of Justice Civil Registry Department) by filling in the application form and indicating the preferred location (region, city), as well as the training time.









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