The Directorate of Justice of the European Commission has announced an open call for proposals in the program “Justice 2014-2020” 05.07.2017


"Rights, Equality and Citizenship 2014-2020" working programme for 2017


Prevent and combat gender-based violence

Topic identifier:


Opening date:

27 June 2017

Submission deadline:

14 November 2017 17.00 (CET)

The total funds available for a grant:

12 706 000 EUR

Minimum project amount:

75 000 EUR

Co-financing rate:



The call for proposals is published on the European Commission (hereinafter - the EC) calls section:

 Contact the Justice Programme helpdesk for further assistance related to the call, topics and the content of proposals

  1. The priorities of the open call:
  1. Prevention of gender-based violence: changing social attitudes and behaviour, in order to end tolerance of all forms of violence;
  2. Protection and support for victims of gender-based violence and violence against children;
  3. Coordination and/or adaptation of support services for sexual and gender-based violence;
  4. Treatment of perpetrators, in order to prevent reoffending;
  5. National coordinating frameworks or action plans for violence against children (supporting the Member States and other actors).

2. Eligible activities

For all priorities:

  • Mutual learning, exchange of good practices, cooperation;
  • Design and implementation of protocols, development of working methods which may be transferable to other regions or countries;
  • Capacity building and training of professionals.

For first and second priority:

  • awareness-raising and education activities

For third priority:

  • Empowerment of refugee/migrant communities and efforts to include them in support services;
  • Adaptation of existing services/ structures/frameworks /methodology, including outreach to new reception facilities and structures or involvement of new actors.

For fifth priority:

  • Development or adaptation and/or implementation of national coordinating frameworks or action plans for violence against children;
  • awareness-raising and capacity-building to foster participation and ownership in the development of such national frameworks or action plans[1].


  1. The applicants and partners may be public entities, private entities (bilaterally established in any of the participating states) or international organizations. Organisations which are profit-oriented must submit applications in partnership with public entities or private non-profit-oriented organisations.
  2. The project must involve at least two organisations (applicant and partner).
  3. The projects can be national or international.

* This is an informative material only. More detailed information about the call is available on the EC website calls section (please, see above).

Please, carefully consult the documents available on the project website and the conditions of the open call, in the case of qualifying questions, please, contact the representatives of the European Commission.


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