The Directorate of Justice of the European Commission has announced an open call for proposals in the program “Justice 2014-2020” 03.07.2017


“Justice 2014-2020” working programme for 2017


"Action grants to support transnational projects on judicial training covering civil law, criminal law or fundamental rights”

Topic identifier:


Opening date:

15 June 2017

Submission deadline:

25 October 2017 17.00 (CET)

The total funds available for a grant:

6 098 000 EUR

Minimum project amount:

30 000 EUR

Co-financing rate:


The call for proposals is published on the European Commission (hereinafter - the EC) calls section:

 Contact the Justice Programme helpdesk for further assistance related to the call, topics and the content of proposals

  1. Objective of the call

The objective is to contribute to the effective and coherent application of EU law in the areas of civil law (including consumer law), criminal law and fundamental rights, to judicial ethics and the rule of law, by covering training needs' gaps in these fields. It also targets the specific training needs of court staff.


  1. Target groups and supported activities under the open call

Target group:

Members of the judiciary and judicial staff - judges, prosecutors, court officers, other legal practitioners associated with the judiciary, such as lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, insolvency practitioners and mediators, as well as court interpreters and translators, prison and probation staff (the target group is indicated for each priority).


  1. Cross-border cooperation of training providers;
  2. Training of EU law for court staff and bailiffs in all areas of EU civil, criminal and fundamental rights law relevant for their judicial work;
  3. Training of mainly judges, prosecutors, lawyers and notaries on EU civil, criminal and fundamental rights law, legal systems of the Member States, judicial ethics and the rule of law, knowledge of cross-border IT tools and linguistic skills.

Eligible activities:

  • Interactive, practice-oriented seminars;
  • Multilateral exchanges between legal practitioners (except for judges and prosecutors whose training bodies are members of the EJTN and may thus take part in the exchanges organised by the EJTN);
  • Training content creation;
  • Tools for training providers.


  1. The applicants may be public entities, private entities or international organizations. Organisations which are profit-oriented must submit applications in partnership with public entities or private non-profit-oriented organisations.
  2. The applications must involve organisations from at least two participating countries.
  3. Project duration may not exceed 36 months.


* Please, carefully consult the documents available on the project website and the conditions of the open call, in the case of qualifying questions, please, contact the representatives of the European Commission.

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