The Criminal Law Policy Subcommittee supports recommendations of the MoJ for combating of illegal trade of cigarettes 12.05.2020


On Tuesday, 12 May, recommendations prepared by the Ministry of Justice for amendments to the Criminal Law in relation to combating of illegal movement of tobacco products were supported during the meeting of the Criminal Law Policy Subcommittee of the Saeima.

An agreement was reached during the meeting of the Subcommittee regarding preparation of the relevant draft law and proceeding thereof for review in the Parliament.

In accordance with the proposal initiated by the MoJ, the criminal liability will be provided to natural persons for unlawful sale of tobacco products for the purpose of acquisition of property, regardless of the quantity sold.

Janis Bordans, the Minister of Justice: “Indisputably, that will be a hit to shadow economy and criminal schemes as far as extermination of unlawful sale of tobacco products will help to reduce reasons for smuggling.”

At the same time the minister emphasizes that introduction of criminal liability will reduce the illegal movement of cigarettes, however, a purposeful and professional police work is required in order to combat smuggling at the very root of it and to minimise even more the effect of it to the national economy.




Information prepared by:

Andris Vitenburgs

Press Secretary of the Minister of Justice

Telephone: +371 67036759, 26599312



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