Latvian courts will gradually resume to examine cases in presence 12.05.2020

Taking into account the decision made during the meeting of government last week regarding ease of restrictions for organization of public events, as of 12 May of the current year also the Latvian courts will gradually resume their oral court hearings in presence, where it will be possible to ensure the requirements determined by the Cabinet of Ministers with regard to indoor gatherings, at the same time taking into account the restrictions determined in relation of convoying of arrested persons, which is still terminated.

Not more than 25 persons will be able to stay in the court room at the same time and distance of 2 meters between each other will have to be observed. Participants of the case are recommended to carefully and responsibly assess their health condition and, in case of even minor suspicions about being sick, not to attend the court. Like before, the Court Administration will provide hand and surface disinfectants, as well as face masks for participants of the case as much as possible. In turn, representatives of press, advocates, public prosecutors, representatives of any authorities and listeners of the case will have to have their own mouth and nose covers with them. Taking into account the limited number of seats in the court rooms, mass media, willing to attend the open court hearing, will have to apply 2 days in advance via phone +371 29299565 or e-mail:, but listeners will have to apply to the court hearing secretary, in order to establish, what is the possibility to participate in the particular court hearing. The possibility to follow up also the cases, which are examined remotely, will be provided by using online video communication tools. Besides, in such cases the listeners and representatives of mass media have to apply in advance in order to receive information on the course of the court hearing.

When resuming the oral court hearings, the cases, which could not be examined by a written proceeding during this period of time, will be the priority. Work of the court will be organized in a way to avoid organisation of several court hearings at the same time, thus minimizing the flow of many people. All possibilities so far determined in the Law On the Operation of State Authorities During the Emergency Situation Related to the Spread of COVID-19 to examine cases by a written procedure (civil cases, administrative violation cases, criminal cases by an appellate court) will be preserved, therefore, the majority of examination of cases will still be organized by a written procedure or remotely.


Information was prepared by the Court Administration


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