J.Bordāns: Religious organizations perform a very responsible public function during the time of crisis 29.03.2020

On Sunday, 29 March, the Cabinet of Ministers ruled that the Minister for Justice will be granted additional powers in order to ensure the necessary action in the implementation of the restriction included in the Cabinet Order, which applies to religious organisations.

Minister of Justice, Jānis Bordāns, pointed out the following: "At this time, religious organisations perform a very important and responsible public function – they provide spiritual comfort and security to all those who need it right now. I greatly appreciate the cooperation between the Ministry of Justice and religious organisations, the responsibility and active involvement of their representatives in explaining the imposed security measures and calling on believers to refrain from visiting public places, including church services, as much as possible. That is why church services are currently taking place without the participation of believers. Notably, there is a very good internal organisation in the main religious organisations - decisions are taken jointly, they are implemented immediately in all churches, therefore people remain calm, and it also greatly helps the public authorities, including the police, in doing their work. People are being led in a very consistent and prudent manner, thereby reducing ignorance and tension.

It is significant that there has been a development in successful cooperation also between denominations, for example, the Catholic radio station Maria broadcasts church services of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. As regards the implementation of the authority granted by the Cabinet of Ministers to define guidelines for the future organisation of religious events, on Monday, 30 March, after conducting consultations with the religious organizations, the public will be informed about the established security measures and the changes with regard to the conducting of the day-to-day religious activities."


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