J.Bordāns recommends to hear opinions of entrepreneurs on the establishment of the specialised Court of Economic Cases 05.05.2020


On the issue regarding establishment of the special Court of Economic Cases (CEC) it is important to hear also the opinion of entrepreneurs, considers Jānis Bordāns, the Minister of Justice.

The Minister has sent such proposal to the Legal Commission at the Saeima, where currently the draft laws related to the establishment of CEC are available for review. The Cabinet has supported the establishment of a specialised court. Also, the Saeima has supported in the 2nd reading the necessary amendments to the Law on Judicial Power and in the 1st reading - procedural amendments to the Criminal Procedure Law and Civil Procedure Law. Besides, Angel Gurria, the Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), has showed his support for establishment of the CEC.

“Establishment of the Court of Economic Cases - that is a decisive and reasonable activity,” emphasizes J.Bordāns. Our duty is to promote the speed and quality of examination of specific cases due to the fact that trial of complex commercial disputes, economic and financial crimes as well as cases of corruption quite often protracts in courts”, the Minister of Justice highlights the meaning of a specialised court.

Initially it is planned to transfer cases on criminal offences of more severe degree into the competence of the newly established court, at the same time providing a possibility to expand it in the future - with relevant solutions for growth of the capacity of the court.

The Minister of Justice has sent the letter received from entrepreneur organisations, where both, the Foreign Investors' Council in Latvia (FICIL) as well as the Chamber of Commerce of America in Latvia (CCAL) reminds that it is important “to facilitate work efficiency and quality of the judicial system, ensuring further specialisation of courts and judges in the settlement of certain categories of cases.” In particular, specialisation of court in the examination of certain categories of cases is highlighter - one of the ways to ensure high quality and fast settlement.




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