J.Bordāns: Commission for Calculation of Losses Caused by USSR Occupation continues the work on preparation of the claim for compensation of loss, in accordance with standards existing in the international practice 05.05.2020


The Commission continues the purposeful fulfilment of the Declaration of the Saeima of 12 May 2005 “On Condemnation of the Totalitarian Communist Occupation Regime Implemented in Latvia by Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” for determination of the number of victims of the USSR Totalitarian Communist Occupation Regime and mass graves, collection of the information on repressions and mass deportations and calculation of loss caused to the Latvian state and its inhabitants.

Janis Bordans, the Minister of Justice: “Despite the arguments of the propaganda machinery of the eastern neighbour and the claims of their fellows about the sunny life in the USSR, we know that it was not true. The 50-years long stay of the USSR Occupation Army in Latvia was characterized by open arbitrariness, cruel and imperial attitude towards Latvia and its indigenous inhabitants. They try to show us as weak and powerless, but also these are lies. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia did not have their own budget during the whole occupation period, 30% - 48% was given to the total budget of the USSR. In the case of Latvia these were 48%! Half of the income, which we are ready to calculate in full and recover!”

On Tuesday, 5 May, the Cabinet became familiar with the informative report developed by the Commission regarding the events performed in 2019 and works planned in 2020.

Last year the work of the Commission was performed in five directions - calculation of loss caused to the Latvian economy, environment and demography, as well as identification of loss caused to Latvia as a result of operations of the military-industrial complex of the USSR.

Besides, the Commission continued to perform measures in order to prepare a legal basis for raising an international claim to international law organizations. This year the Commission will prepare a summary of experience in the international organizations - United Nations, European Union and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe - in order to draw-up the claim of Latvia in accordance with international standards.

The Commission will also continue the work on the establishment of data base of persons repressed by the Soviet regime, in order the Latvian society could acquire full information about crimes against certain inhabitants of Latvia. This year complex analysis of expenses of the Latvia USR and USSR for the time period from 1946 to 1960 will be performed in order to obtain a full picture on the USSR colonial policy in Latvia.

You may become acquainted with the informative report on the website of the Cabinet. More detailed information on the studies of the Commission is available on the website of the Commission.

The Commission was established on 5 August 2005 and operated until 1 August 2009, when due to crisis the operation thereof was temporary suspended, but in 2013 the operation was resumed, based on the recommendation of the Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns.

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