Information about registration of the facts of marriage, birth and death during the emergency situation 12.05.2020


During the emergency situation local civil registry offices ensures in presence the registration of the fact of birth and death, however, it is preferred to apply for a visit via phone or e-mail. Contact information of the local civil registry offices is available HERE.

Civil registry offices accept submissions on the archive issues regarding repeated civil registry certificates and statements electronically by using the portals or More detailed information is available HERE.

Currently it is possible to send submissions for registration of marriage to the selected civil registry office electronically only, if the submission regarding entering into marriage is signed by both persons, willing to enter into marriage, by a safe electronic signature. More information HERE.

In accordance with the decision of 7 May 2020 of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Justice, upon amending the order No. 103 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 12 March 2020 “Regarding declaration of the emergency situation” informs about entering into marriages at civil registry offices and churches as of 12 May 2020.

Entering into marriage at civil registry offices and churches shall be permitted as of 12 May, if the following requirements are complied with:

1. Not more than 25 persons (including the persons to be married, witnesses, officials of the civil registry office or pastors and other persons) participate in the event at the same time indoors and outdoors, provided that physical distancing and epidemiological safety measures are applied;

2. Duration of the event indoors does not exceed three hours (for outdoor events the maximum duration is not limited);

3. Organizer of the event ensures compliance with restrictions and availability of disinfectants to participants.

This is to remind that in case of failure to obey the distance of two meters, at the same time it shall be permitted to gather in public indoor premises and public outdoor premises:

  • Not more than two persons;
  • Persons, living in the same household;
  • A parent and his/her minor children, if they do not live in the same household;
  • Persons, performing work or official duties.

At the same time the Civil Registry Department of the Ministry of Justice would like to draw the attention to the fact that considering the restrictions for services to be provided in presence, also the new submissions on the change of the given name, surname or record of nationality are not accepted. With regard to the decisions already made on the change of the given name or surname, this is to explain that a personal identity document is to be changed for a person due to the change of the given name or surname. However, as far as the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs has terminated to serve customers in presence, currently it is not possible to receive a new personal identity document due to the change of the given name or surname (also change of the surname, when entering into marriage). The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs has informed that in case of expiry of the personal identity document issued in the Republic of Latvia, this personal identity document shall still be used for identification of the person during declaration of the emergency situation.

The Civil Registry Department of the Ministry of Justice recommends to carefully and responsibly assess the need of any presence consultations and to use electronic communication means for communication with civil registry office.


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