Government supports additional payments to employees of the MoI, who perform work duties, being exposed to direct physical contact with persons of the Covid-19 risk group 12.05.2020


On Tuesday, 12 May, the Cabinet of Ministers granted additional financial means in the amount of 518,730 euro from the state budget programme “Funds for unexpected events”, in order to provide additional payments to employees of the Prison Administration for work in the circumstances of increased risk and work load during the time period from 1 April 2020 to 31 May 2020. 

Head of the Prison Administration, General I.Spure emphasizes: “As far as the Covid-19 pandemics does not stop arresting of persons and commencement of fulfilment of the punishment of deprivation of liberty, already more than 600 persons were admitted to places of imprisonment during the emergency situation, including persons, who have returned from abroad and who should undergo the mandatory isolation. In turn, a certain proportion of employees of the places of imprisonment as well as medical treatment persons, has a mandatory duty to work in direct physical contact with prisoners, being in the Covid-19 risk group, for whom the disease has not been confirmed, but who should undergo the quarantine or self-isolation. And such persons are or have been in each place of imprisonment, but the employees of the places of imprisonment, regardless of the threat of infection, perform all functions determined by regulatory enactments also with such persons in the circumstances of increased intensity and risk. For example, the security guard of places of imprisonment, upon ensuring the pass regime, are exposed to direct contact with third persons, besides the transfer and security of prisoners is provided outside of the places of imprisonment to medical treatment institutions, and also in such cases the personnel has direct contact with potential infected persons with Covid-19.”

In order to limit the potential infection of personnel and prisoners with Covid-19 and minimise further spread of the infection, precaution and safety measures are strictly followed at the places of imprisonment. The work is organized in a way in order to prevent the possibility of the Covid-19 infection to reach the place of imprisonment and to identify the prison inmate with signs of the infection disease in a timely manner, to separate him or her from healthy persons, thus preventing the possibility of the infection of inmates, employees and visitors.

“We act in a proactive manner in order not to permit entry and spread of Covid-19 in the places of imprisonment, commensurate to the rights of prisoners. As it is indisputable that persons, staying in the closed-type institutions, are to be considered as a high-risk group for massive incidence, therefore, special attention is paid during prevention of pandemics to provision of such persons with the right to health care in a timely manner, high quality and responsibly. But it is also important to ensure that restrictions of rights, applied during the emergency situation, are proportional,” says I.Spure. 

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