First public patent database in Latvia 28.04.2020

The Patent Office opens the first public patent database, providing an opportunity for anyone to search for and obtain information on inventions patented in Latvia, valid patents and supplementary protection certificates. Get information quickly, easily and for free!

The database contains extensive information on published national patent applications, granted Latvian patents, European patents approved and granted in Latvia, as well as supplementary protection certificates -  all in one place. The patent database provides an opportunity to follow the current status of applications and patents, maintenance fee payment dates, as well as to view the history of maintenance fees and to find out the necessary legal and commercial information. In turn, technical information can be found in the documents of the patents granted in Latvia available in the database. The database has a wide range of search criteria and is available in Latvian and English. The information contained in it is easily accessible to any patent applicant, owner, representative and interested party.

"We are pleased to complete one of the most important tasks in the field of patents - to offer our clients an open access database that will help to quickly and easily search and access the necessary information in this area," notes Sandris Laganovskis, Director of the Patent Office.

The database contains information on more than 6 000 Latvian and 38 000 European patents, as well as almost 500 supplementary protection certificates. The creation of the database was an ambitious project in which a large amount of work was invested in digitizing and migrating data from the existing resources of the Patent Office. Until now, up-to-date information on European patents and supplementary protection certificates valid in Latvia was available on the website of the Patent Office, however, to obtain full information, it was necessary to apply to the Parent Office to receive a reference.

Today, in the age of the knowledge-based economy, convenient access to up-to-date information is also important in business - for large companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Patent information can help its users in many ways:

  • Avoid developing an already known solution.
  • Evaluate the patentability of your invention.
  • Get acquainted with the patents of other owners.
  • Find partners and licensors.
  • Avoid the violation of the rights of other owners.
  • Identify competitors' patents that are no longer valid.
  • Get ideas for possible improvements in technology, etc.

“The Patent Office continues to expand the range of e-services provided for faster and more convenient protection of inventions. In the near future, Latvian applicants will also be offered 8 new e-services - starting with the filing of a patent application and ending with the maintenance of a patent in force, ” Mr. Laganovskis points out.

Access the new patent information database here >>>

Access the database of supplementary protection certificates here >>>


Information prepared by:
Santa Darģe
Patent Office Intellectual Property Information Center
Information Services Department
Tel.: 67227310



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