During the emergency situation, court enforcement orders will be prepared and served electronically 31.03.2020

Considering the declaration of the current emergency situation, as a precautionary measure aimed at reducing the risk of the spread of Covid-19, the authorities are called on to provide services remotely wherever possible, excluding the possibility of face-to-face contact as much as possible. In the light of this, the courts are invited to draw up and serve enforcement orders electronically, if requested by a participant in the case. The preparation and service of an enforcement order electronically means that the participant in the case will receive a court-prepared enforcement order, which will be sent to him or her in the form of an electronic document, and will be signed with a secure electronic signature. The participant in the case may submit an enforcement order that is received in such a manner to a sworn court bailiff by sending it to an email address of the court bailiff.

Information concerning contact details of all sworn court bailiffs, including email addresses, is available in an easily accessible format at the home page of the Sworn Court Bailiffs of Latvia at the section under “Sworn Court Bailiffs”: http://www.lzti.lv/zverinati-tiesu-izpilditaji/. Court bailiffs shall be obliged to accept an enforcement order for execution if it has been drawn up in an electronic form that has been signed with a secure electronic signature.

Consequently, we ask participants in the case to make use of the opportunity, if necessary, to ask the court to draw up an enforcement order electronically in order to exclude as much as possible the possibility of face-to-face contact in the use of this service.

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