Discussion will be held on the future challenges of intellectual property and effect on the economics 21.05.2020


On 21 May of the current year the online conference of the Patent Office “Intellectual Property - Vision without Illusion” will be held, where representatives of different sectors will discuss about the future challenges of the intellectual property and effect on the development of economics, innovations and know-how of Latvia and world.

Globalisation, automation, new technologies and artificial intellect nowadays rapidly affects work places, industrial fields, models of entrepreneurship and the fact, how economics and society is created. What will be the growth of innovation-driven economics? What role does the intellectual property play in the ecosystem of innovations? Data of the leading intellectual property authorities show that nowadays the demand for intellectual property rights in the knowledge-based economics only grows and that create new challenges for the system of the intellectual property across the whole world. For example, the Latvian applicants even more assess the possibility to protect their invention not only in Latvia, but also abroad. According to the EPO performance results of 2019, the applications from Latvia for the European patent were submitted by 69.2% more in 2019 than in 2018. In comparison with other European countries, Latvia experienced the most rapid growth within a year.

Sandris Laganovskis, the Director of the Patent Board: “In order to provide maximum support to the Latvian innovators not only locally, but also globally, the Patent Board develops and offers modern solutions. Online conference “Intellectual Property - Vision without Illusion” is a great opportunity for every innovator, entrepreneur or representative of the sector to become familiar with the latest European and global trends in protection of innovations from the leading representatives of the area of the intellectual property and to reveal for themselves the future priority directions for purposeful business and innovation development.”

During the century conference of the Patent Board professionals from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), European Patent Office (EPO) and European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) etc. will share their vision on the role of the intellectual property rights in the areas of economics, innovations, industry and latest generation education.

In accordance with the study published by EPO and EUIPO in 2019 - small and medium companies, who use the advantages of protection of the intellectual property in their favour, when applying for a protection of patents, trademarks and design samples, have bigger growth opportunities than those companies, which do not care for protection of their intangible assets. The entrepreneur of SIA Primekss and economist Jānis Ošlejs and the Leading Intellectual Property Rights Advisor of AS Siemens Beat Weibel will share their practical experience in the application of the intellectual property for business and production development. Jānis Ošlejs, the entrepreneur of SIA Primekss and economist, indicates: “Intellectual property nowadays is a basis of establishment of the value of every company; therefore, we also use it actively, in order to be able to successfully operate across the whole world. In this conference I will share my experience in the use of the intellectual property - patents, trademarks and commercial secrets - key advantages and learnings. That will be topical for all those, who work on the development of their products and export them across the whole world.”

Not only the global, but also the Latvian economics more and more turns into knowledge-based economics. Artificial intellect and life sciences are the key areas of technological and scientific development, which, considering their multidimensional nature, create challenges in the area of the intellectual property. “Quantum computers is one of the biggest future technologies, where billions of euros are currently being invested in the world. That is the field of competition, where the USA, China and Europe is competing. This conference will be interesting for people of different areas, being related to knowledge and innovations and willing to look on things from the broader perspective, to hear the opinion of the representatives of different industries - scientists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, historian, as well as others,” says Andris Ambainis, Professor of the University of Latvia. Marco Palumbo, the Senior Licensing and Venture Manager at Oxford University, will share the experience of the Oxford University in the study of quantum technologies and the role of intellectual property for development of quantum technologies.

Rapid growth of technologies and digitalisation of processes will even more facilitate bigger interaction of a human with smart technologies. Therefore, the intellectual property protection systems will have even bigger meaning for maintenance of safety and quality standards. Upon stepping beyond the centenary threshold, Carsten Fikn and Yann Meniere, chief economists at WIPO and EPO, will discuss at the Patent Office conference the challenges caused by the industry for 5.0. economic and intellectual property protection systems worldwide.  Turn, Florence Mouradian, the Economist of OECD, will share the role of the intellectual property for promotion of innovations.

During the closing panel discussion of the conference experts will discuss the understanding of the youngest generation on the protection and advantages of the intellectual property. The issues of intellectual property are already currently gradually included in the content of different study subjects everywhere in the world. With a purpose to develop awareness of teachers and students on the intellectual property rights, the Patent Office in cooperation with the National Centre for Education has developed the methodological material “Travel in the world of industrial property” in 2018, which is currently broadly used by Latvian teachers during the study process. Upon participating in different education projects, students create new innovative solutions, improving our life. However, the practice shows that only few new entrepreneurs wonder about timely protection of the intellectual work, which may significantly affect not only the safety of the relevant solution, but also the commercial and public advantage. Justyne Petsch and Kari Kivinen, the Public Policy and Youth Education Specialist of the EUIPO, the representative of the Patent Office Santa Darģe and the owner of SIA Simple+ Kristiāns Lancmanis will participate in the panel discussion “Intellectual Property and Youth”.

It is planned that the conference will start on 21 May at 10:00 o'clock. Programme of the conference is available here: https://www.conference2020.lv/programma

It will be possible to see the conference online on the target page of the conferencewww.conference2020.lv, on the website of the Patent Oficewww.lprv.gov.lv, the Youtube channel of the Patent Office, social network Faceboook (@LRPatentu_valde) and news portal Delfi.lv.

The working language of the conference will be English, but also simultaneous translation will be provided during the conference.

​​​During the online conference everyone will have the possibility to connect to the interactive environment and ask questions to the Latvian and foreign lecturers, as well as express their opinion by using the online question platform Sli.do with the code #ipvision2020.


Information prepared by:
Santa Darģe
Information Services Division at
the Intellectual Property Information Center of the Latvian Patent Office
Tel.: +371 67227310
E-mail: santa.darge@lrpv.gov.lv


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