Bordāns: we prepare the law on how to return to life and strengthen the success story of Latvia 15.05.2020


The Ministry of Justice has commenced work on the development of the legal framework in relation to cancellation of restrictions in the post-crisis situation, in order the society could return to the regular active life style and at the same time would maintain the approach that has made Latvia as a globally recognized success story.

Jānis Bordāns, Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice: “Latvia has proved that we control the spread of the virus. At the same time, we have borrowed four billion euro for overcoming the effects of the crisis and further economic growth. A plan of ten points is being moved forward in the government, in order our state could survive this crisis situation and be even stronger, when comparing with our neighbours. Everything we currently need - a possibility given to people to implement the plan in real life. Therefore, we will lawfully strengthen the continuation of our common success story within a time period of few weeks. People have to return to economically active life style.”

Therefore, after cancellation of the emergency situation the new law should govern all significant restrictions of natural persons in different areas of life, as well as important changes with regard to social and economic issues. The Saeima has to ensure settlement of all important issues through a relevant legislation process as far as all decision and order adopted for provision of the emergency situation will become void at the same time of cancellation of the emergency situation, J.Bordāns emphasizes.

The new regulation will provide changes also on the issues of certain sector, in order in case of need it would be possible to effectively adjust to the changes of the Covid-19 situation, for example, for planning and acquisition of individual protective means, as well as improvement and provisions of epidemiological safety measures.

Besides, it is planned also to introduce certain additional solutions introduced during the emergency situation as a permanent regulation, for example, digital solutions and remote access to services of authorities.


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