Bordāns: children removed from a family living in Germany as a result of timely and coordinated action now in family placement in Latvia 21.04.2020

Due to the successfully implemented measures for the protection of children's rights, the Ministry of Justice has succeeded in bringing two children from a family living in Germany into the care of their relatives in Latvia. In March this year, one of the German regional courts decided to appoint their grandparents as guardians of both children. Both children are already in Latvia and have successfully completed a 14-day self-isolation process due to an emergency situation.

Initially, the Riga Orphan's and Custody Court, through the Ministry of Justice, requested the transfer of jurisdiction to the Latvian side, but the trial took place in Germany. Therefore, a request was submitted to the competent German authority by the Ministry of Justice to take into account the opinion of the Latvian authorities, the children's right to grow up with their grandparents and their readiness to care for their grandchildren.

Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns: “This case is a success story. This proves once again that the timely receipt of information allows the Ministry of Justice to respond quickly and cooperate effectively at both national and international level in order to successfully protect its citizens. In addition, in this case, Latvia had to defend the interests of the children of our citizens in legal proceedings taking place in another country. I am grateful to everyone involved for their quick response and support!”

With this example, I would like to send a clear message - defending the interests of our citizens is effective in those cases when the responsible authorities receive initial information in a timely manner and take coordinated measures, the Minister of Justice emphasizes the readiness to help Latvian citizens.

Last May, the Ministry of Justice received information from the Latvian Embassy about the removal of two children (three and five years old) from a family living in Germany where the mother is a Latvian citizen. The social service had removed the custody rights of both parents - the children’s parent had not fulfilled their duties.

Therefore, the Ministry of Justice took all necessary measures to protect the rights of the child, involving the Orphan’s and Custody Court, identifying relatives living in Latvia and informing the German authorities about the grandparents' wish to become guardians of their grandchildren.

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